Fashion Geek for Hire is a working design studio offering customized lessons and fashion services.  
In general, the answer to FAQ's is "yes, we can" but if you have other questions, just ask.

Do you offer tailoring and alterations services?  
Can I meet someone for a last minute, fashion-emergency, evening  / weekend appointment?
I want to learn how to sew from commercial patterns like Vogue or Simplicity can you teach me?
My child is interested in fashion and wants to study design in college, can you help?
I have a machine I want to learn to use, starting with how to thread it and wind a bobbin.
I want to learn the basics, like sewing on a button or hemming pants by hand.
Can you show me how to use the blind hem stitch on a sewing machine?
I like to draw clothes and want to learn more about fashion illustration.
Can you hem some pants or shorten some old winter coats?
Can you show me how to alter an item?
I have an idea for a project that involves sewing that I want to do my self or with a group of friends?
I have a project I'd like to have cut and sewn by Fashion Geek for Hire.
I want to restyle an old t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, jeans.
Does Fashion Geek for Hire offer custom design or sewing services?
I have a favorite garment I'd like to recreate.
Do you offer crocheting or knitting classes?
I am a design student and / or independent designer, can I utilize your cutting table and machines?
I have a theatrical production that requires costumes, but I'm on a budget, can you help me make the costumes?
I'd like to learn how to make my own pillows, curtains and home decor.
I have a non-fashion sewing project or repair like a pet bed, polo wraps or a custom fit micro-pig harness.
I'm not finding my perfect prom dress, cocktail dress, bridesmaid or wedding gown, can you help me shop?
If shopping doesn't turn up the perfect dress, can we alter a ready to wear dress or custom sew from a pattern?
Can you help me get supplies like patterns, fabrics, notions and tools for projects?
I want to set up a home sewing studio, can you help design the space and purchase tools and equipment?
I'm an independent designer and need help with pattern making, fitting and production.
I am a program coordinator for a library or organization, do you offer custom workshops or multi-program discounts?
Can you help me sort and organize my closet and wardrobe plus help select and purchase a few new pieces?
I want to learn how to sell online on Ebay or Etsy, can you help me photograph, describe and list a few items?
Do you host fashion themed parties?
Do offer fashion camps during school breaks?
Do you offer custom designed and made to order items?
I want to take a field trip to the garment district in NYC or fabric stores on Long Island, do you offer tours?
Do you offer shopping tours of Long Island or NYC villages?  
Do you offer personal shopping and online purchasing?

There are a million ways to take an interest in fashion, and everyone has their own style and project goals.  
FG4H clients receive Madison Avenue service and Garment District know-how, without taking a train to the city.
Staying local means Fashion Geek for Hire can offer NYC services for half the cost of classes in Manhattan.  

The FG4H Design Studio is a place to share creative ideas and get project support.  
You pick the project, we help you get it done.  You never have to worry about missing a class you paid for in advance!
Everyone has a different schedule, tell us what schedule works for you.  If you miss a lesson, you won't miss a stitch.  
And, if you have a machine at home you want to master, you can bring it to the studio learn on your own equipment.
Learn sewing, draping, pattern making, design, illustration, crocheting, knitting, embellishment techniques and more!

Call 631-651-5800 or email for additional information.
Frequently Asked Questions
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